TP 1000

TP1000 is the ultimate regular warm edge spacer system for the manufacture of insulating glass units as WARM EDGE. Polyisobutylene (PIB) as the base, consist of a thermoplastic elastomer formulated with the inclusion of desiccant for drying the air space. TP1000 is free of solvents, non-fogging and has no sulfuration.

It can keep its plasticity and sealing properties in wide temperature range and will not become harden and crack. It also has excellent resistance to air aging and perfect adhesion property to glass.TP1000 will compose an excellent anti-humidity system with elastic sealant due to its low moisture vapor transmission property.

  • Insulating glass sealant consisting thermoplastic elastomers and desiccant
  • Certified very low MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) and Gas Permability Values
  • Reduced U value of the window (by up to 14% compared to a conventional window)
  • Decreased linear heat transfer coefficient of the edge zone (by over 60 %)
  • Thus reduction of condensation in the window edge
  • Excellent resistance to weather and UV aging
  • Automated production application, less labour and high productivity

TP2000 R

TP2000 R is the premium insulating glass sealant in our TPS warmedge generations. The polyisobutylene based spacer consisting thermoplastic elastomers and desiccant for drying the inner air space, without any metal insert provides an ideal thermal insulation with a perfect chemical bounding and adhesion to glass surface and PS based secondary sealants. (not to be used with silicon based secondary sealants because of patent)

TP2000 R is created by modifying of its forerunner TP1000 with the help of reactive bounding materials

Synthetic Rubber (PIB), 100% solid
Appr. 1.20 g/cm3
Low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), Low gas permeability, low thermal conductivity.
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR)
˂ 0,1 gr H2O / (m2 x 24 h) @ 2 mm
Gas Permeation (acc. to EN 1279:4)
0,0006 g/ (m2 x h)
Moisture Adsorption Capacity
≥ 4.5 %
220 kg Steel Drums
1 year in original packaging, in cool & dry conditions