Welcome to SAS Chemicals GmbH

SAS Chemicals GmbH is the producer of different sealants and components used in Insulating Glass manufacturing, keeping up developments and changes of IG sector closely. With engineering and managerial backgrounds, founder partners are serving their clients closely with their highest quality proven products while supplying them cost and delivery performance.

​SAS Chemicals GmbH, with its broad customer and supplier network around the world and with its gained experiences in the insulating glass industry among many years, facilitates to reach the sector and leverages business to business market domination.

SAS produces and supplies adhesives and sealants such as PIB Polyisobutylene Primary Sealants, Hotmelt one-component secondary sealants, PS Polysulphide based Two-component secondary sealants and TPS Thermoplastic Spacers; that are used for manufacturing insulating glass Windows.



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