DM 1000

Desiccant Consisting One Component Hotmelt System:

Desimelt DM 1000 is the premium insulating glass hotmelt sealant designated for Intercept® applications. The synthetic polymers based matrix consisting desiccant inside for drying the inner air space, offers an ideal thermal insulation with a perfect bounding and adhesion to metal surface while providing an automated production application.

  • Insulating glass sealant containing synthetic polymers and desiccant
  • Very good adhesion to metal surfaces such as stainless steel, tin plated steel or blackline steel (Intercept)
  • Soft, tacky and flexible
  • Excellent moisture and water resistance
  • Excellent thermal and UV stability
  • Low application viscosity
  • High moisture adsorption capacity
Synthetic Polymers. 100% solid. No solvent
Specific Gravity, DIN 53 479, 23 °C
1.25 +/- 0.04 g/m3
Rigid, tacky
MVR, (cm3/10 min), ISO 1133, 5 kg, 130 C
400 cm3/10 min
Moisture Adsorption CapacityEN1279.2, ANNEX C4
14 % by weight, max.
Volatile Amount, prEN1279-4 H
≤ 0.001 (@5 g sample, 3 mm, 70 °C, 17 d)
Fogging, EN 1279.6, ANNEX C
No Visual Fogging
Application Temperature, appr.
90°C to 120°C