PIB 1000

PIB1000 is perfectly formulated, one-component, solvent free thermoplastic insulating glass sealant based on polyisobutylene, which does not harden and which is very tight to water vapour, gases (like Argon) and Sulphur Hexaflourid. It is used as a primary sealant in combination with other secondary sealants.PIB1000 has low density, excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel surfaces and is resistant to ageing.


PIB900 is the standard version from our PIB primary sealant range with cost effectiveness. The product provides excellent technical properties as well like optimal application at the extruder, high adhesion to glass and spacers and low MVTR and gas transmission rates.


PIB1000-S is the soft version of our PIB Butyl range that is especially formulated for flexible spacers like Edgetech®. Different from standard primary sealants; PIB1000-S is softer, adapts perfectly to the shape of the flexible spacer bar while creating an excellent barrier against gas and thus supportting the IG system.

Permanent plastic
Application Temperature
125-145 °C
Appr. 1,15 g/cm3
MVTR (Moisture Vapaour Transmission Rate) (Acc. to EN 1279:4)
<0,1 (gr H2O) / (m2 x 24 h @ 2mm)
Gas Permeation (acc. to EN 1279:4)
0,0011 (+/- 0,0001) (gr x m-2 x h-1)
2,5 kg carton slugs, (Ø 140) / 7,4 kg carton slugs (Ø190 mm) / 200 kg metal drums
3 years in original packaging, in cool & dry conditions
See safety data sheet