SAS Chemicals successfully exhibited on Glasstec 2022

Glasstec has clearly underscored its relevance for the global glass industry with its restart as a face-to-face trade fair after the pandemic induced break.

In the “International Year of Glass”, the 936 exhibitors from 47 countries impressively demonstrated to 30,000 visitors from 119 countries the operational excellence of the sector. In focus were the global trend topics Climate, Resource Efficiency, Urbanisation, Value and Well-Being but also current challenges such as high energy costs, supply chain bottlenecks or skilled labour shortage.
Glasstec 2022 came at precisely the right point in time to provide the glass industry with orientation again after the pandemic-induced changes and in a difficult economic climate. The participants’ feedback has been unambiguous here: as a face-to-face trade fair glasstec allows in-depth exchange of experience and knowledge transfer on a global level in a uniquely concentrated form as well as offering an unparalleled, packed line-up of innovations and solutions,” sums up Erhard Wienkamp, Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.
According to the press release from Messe Düsseldorf, over 75% of the trade visitors travelled to Düsseldorf from abroad. This means the share of international guests continues at a very high level, confirming the leading global position of glasstec for the industry in the “International Year of Glass”. This was declared by the United Nations for 2022 to create visibility for the scientific, economic and cultural importance of the material that is glass as well as its vital role in future-focused topics like climate protection and CO2-reduction.
Messe Düsseldorf states that, at 75%, the equally high percentage of executives who are involved in investment decisions underlines the high quality of the trade fair. Visitors were highly satisfied with the ranges on display at glasstec. Well over 90% stated they had achieved their objectives set for the visit. For the majority, seeking new suppliers as well as innovations and trends was the main goal.

For SAS Chemicals GmbH, it was a very fruitful and successful exhibition as well, where the company had the possibility to represent his product range, to discuss the current market developments, to host his customers, suppliers and business partners, to meet with new customers worldwide, to get new orders and to discuss about potential new projects and products. As SAS Chemicals we are very pleased with the interest shown.
The next glasstec will be held in line with its two-year cycle from 22 to 25 October 2024 in Düsseldorf and SAS Chemicals would like to exhibit there further.

New Production Line for HM Hotmelt

SAS Chemicals has invested in a new and addtional production line for one component hotmelt sealant. The new line is installed succesfully and started production in January 2019. The new line has also additional properties like high temperature controlling system, self securing for over torque, special filtering and aspirating for environment protection, remote controls for easy operation and handling and a very high technic automatic vacuum conveyor system for getting powders.

With this new investment, SAS increased his Hotmelt sealant production capacity and doubled it.

We have completed the ISO 9001: 2015 certification process

We are proud to announce our succesfully completed ISO 9001:2015 certification process.

One of the largest accredited management systems certification body IFC (International First Certification) certifies that the Management System of SAS Chemicals GmbH has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

SAS Chemicals GmbH has developed his Quality Management system based on the ISO 9001 standards. Substantial investments have been made for the project in all topics of the company. It began with company personnel attending a quality systems structure and auditing preparation course, and they also attended a quality management course organised in SAS facilities, Germany.

The actual auditing and certification was carried out by IFC Global and the certificate is published as of 15.02.2019.

SAS Chemicals GmbH has, in effect, already adopted ISO standards into it’s all operations. The quality management system standardizes purchasing, production, quality control, sales and financial operations.